Simplicity of Devotion to Christ

The phrase “SIMPLICITY OF DEVOTION TO CHRIST” seems to me to capture the essence of what I want my life to be.

The love of God, which inspires my devotion to Jesus, in turn creates in me the desire to spend much time alone with God, meditate in his Scriptures, and listen for his “still, small voice.”

Filled with his presence, my life then flows again in proper proportion and order.

Encountering him in this way enables me to serve Jesus out of DEVOTION, rather than anxious striving, fearful that I do not measure up.

Trusting Jesus with EVERYTHING becomes natural and easy when simple devotion is established.

This devotion to Jesus frees me from fear of other people. Increasingly drawn to his face, I have little concern about negative opinions of others.

The converse actually emerges. My concern for the welfare of others INCREASES from this simple devotion to Christ.

As a professional Christian (!!) it is an easy trap for me to substitute religious activity for devotion to Jesus. However, as I inwardly retreat to Jesus, the other parts of my life, secular and religious, fall back to their proper (lesser) priority.

This refocused inward devotion inspires me to lead a quiet life, to mind my own business, and to be allergic to self-promotion. Immersed in this love-focus on Jesus, I am able to let go of the need to “straighten out others” or to overly-justify myself when criticized.

The kindness and gentleness of the Lord begins to emerge, almost without trying. The presence of Jesus becomes my focus – not trying hard to be good. When in this frame of mind, I am able to do the smallest things for the love of God: folding clothes, typing on a computer, filling the car with gas.

How do you re-gain this simple devotion?

For me it starts with the painful discovery of how far I have drifted away, which then leads to a desperate, insistent crying out to God, sometimes over a period of days. “Save me, Lord!”

The anointing of God finally comes and breaks the yoke of my bondage. Like fog dissipating, oppressive thoughts and feelings lift. This fresh “coming-upon” of the Spirit banishes them away, and comforts me with his love. I realize again that the KINDNESS of God brings me to repentance.

This heaven-sent touch of God re-directs me to Jesus himself.

The peace of God, together with the relief of this fresh deliverance, heals my soul. In these times of refreshment from the Spirit, my single-minded devotion to Jesus is re-established.

With some amount of chagrin, I ask myself, “Why did I ever leave?” In that moment though, I remember ALL of my life is by grace. And so I give thanks.