Fell Back into Your Old Ways?

I still remember how devastated I felt when about three months after my conversion, I fell back into my old ways. I was so sure I had left that old, destructive lifestyle behind. I had been SO determined not to go back there again. Yet I had. I was in despair.
“Was I now lost again?” I wondered. “How did Jesus feel about me now? After coming into my life but now my falling back into sin, was God going to change His mind about me?
At that time, I didn’t know enough of the Bible to have an answer to those painful questions. But God helped me out as I used this line of reasoning. “God knew I would fall into sin again when He came into my life three months ago. If He already knew it ahead of time, but chose to come into my life anyway, why would He change His mind now?”
The little faith I had left said, “God would not change His mind about me.” Immediately the torment of guilt, fear, and despair lifted. Joy returned to my heart.
After 40 years now of walking with Jesus and finally understanding the Word of God, I know absolutely that the forgiveness Jesus offers is NOT conditional. His forgiveness is not based in anything about us.
Jesus does not forgive us because we promise to shape up. He does not forgive us based on vows we make to serve Him. He does not forgive us because we are trying really, really hard to improve.
Jesus Christ forgives us because GOD wants us forgiven. “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, NOT counting men’s sins against them.” (2 Corinthians 5:19).
The affectionate, never failing LOVE of the heart of God towards sinners is such that God looks for any excuse to forgive us. He has gone to GREAT lengths to bring this about. Which is why the cross means so much.
Are you heart-sick because of what you have done? Especially if you are already a Christian?

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