What Jesus Offers Those of Other Religions

Here is my story. Though raised in the Christian church, the stories about Jesus in the Bible seemed like myths to me. I respected them, but did not take them seriously. They certainly did not affect my life.

I was pretty sure that if there WAS spiritual reality out there, it was found in some form of eastern mysticism. You can imagine my surprise when I had a spiritual encounter with God – hearing about the resurrection of Jesus! I was overwhelmed. I still am.

Among other things, Jesus has given me self-respect. I did not realize how dirty I had become, until I felt clean again. I used to avoid God. Now I love God. Jesus’ Holy Spirit lives inside my body with me. That inner presence assures me that he loves me, that he forgives me my sins, and that I will be in heaven when I die.

Jesus is now the most important thing in my life. I am learning how to live by FAITH in him.

Jesus has healed my soul. He has taken my life and made it USEFUL. Before Jesus came into my life, sin did not trouble me – unless it got me into trouble. Now, when I find I have sinned, I get upset.

Why? Because Jesus has changed my inside desires. I no longer WANT to sin. What I want is to be obedient to God. Not because he will send me to hell if I don’t. But because he means everything to me.

Through Jesus, I’ve learned how to recognize God’s voice on the inside. Life for me has now become a kind of adventure, following his written and spoken Word. Each day is a fresh start with God. When I fail and sin, Jesus has taught me to quickly turn back to him, receive his forgiveness, pick up the pieces, and carry on following after him.

With Jesus living inside me, am I therefore immune to pain and suffering? Not at all. In fact, some pain and suffering I have gone through is BECAUSE I follow Christ. But I have learned to my great relief that Jesus Christ overcomes adversity with me – and any suffering for his sake is an HONOR.


ARE YOU HINDU OR BUDDHIST? Jesus offers you a way out of the endless cycle of rebirth. Jesus will forgive your sins NOW. You will have the knowledge inside you by Jesus’ Spirit that when your body dies you will step immediately into his presence as a completely whole and healed INDIVIDUAL. You will NOT disappear in terms of your individuality.

Like Jesus’ resurrection body, after death, you will be given a resurrection body, perfect in every way. You will experience utter peace and joy in his presence – AND – you will find yourself extremely active in both your love of God and your fellow humans. The Bible teaches that rather than quiescence, you will REIGN with Jesus in this universe forever.

What is more, IN THIS LIFE, you will find increasing freedom from “greed, hatred, and delusion” as you learn to consciously abide in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus has come that you might begin the life of heaven NOW. “Nirvana-in-life” can be found in daily companionship with Jesus Christ.

ARE YOU MUSLIM? If so, you need not live in fear about the justice of God for your sins. You can be freed of the burden of the torment, “Have I done enough? Have my prayers been adequate? Will God at the last be merciful to me?”

Jesus, by his Spirit, will assure your heart that yes, you are NOW a son or daughter of God (not a slave), fully acceptable in his sight through his sacrifice for you on the cross.

Jesus Christ received the justice you owe God for YOUR sins, past, present, and future. God has made his peace with you through Christ. You can make your peace with God by entrusting yourself to Jesus Christ and following him as his disciple.

Doing good works is very important for both Christians and Muslims. What counts though is the motive. Are your good deeds done from the love of God? Or out of the slavish attitude of fear and earning?

Through Jesus, you will discover that God LOVES you tenderly, as a father delights in his child. Moreover, once you make your peace with God through Jesus, God will NOT change his mind about you.

PERHAPS YOU LIVE IN FEAR OF EVIL SPIRITS. Jesus Christ has complete authority over all spiritual beings and powers. I have watched with my own eyes as evil spirits have left people when commanded to do so in the name of Jesus Christ.

MAYBE YOU HAVE NO RELIGION AT ALL but are asking, “What is the meaning of my life? Does my life count for anything?”

I want you to know that Jesus Christ is ALIVE. He rose from the dead and you can encounter him today. You will not see him physically (probably) but you can encounter his Spirit. And you will know it is Jesus.

Jesus will, in a sense, take you by hand and guide your daily life. He will lead you in ways that will result in your life having REAL significance, NOT just the diminishing pursuit of pleasure NOR simply the fight for survival. Furthermore, he will use this life as training for your next life.

EVERYTHING you go through now, God will use for your good as you walk with Jesus.


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